Indian Head Massage

Our Indian Head massage is one of complementary therapy treatments.

An Indian Head Massage is based on an ancient form of healing dating back in India up to 4,000 years ago.  This form of massage is incorporated within the ancient healing art of Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is the Hindu practice of health care and is a holistic therapy that concentrates on the person rather than the disease.

Although called a head massage it also includes neck, shoulders, arms, face and ears. The treatment uses a specific technique to reach deep seated tension in the muscles. It soothes, comforts and rebalances energy flow leaving one with a feeling of peace and tranquility.

About our Indian Head Massage

The treatment will be carried out in a seated position either over clothing or wearing a vest top if wishing to use oils on neck and shoulder part of massage. No oils will be used on hair or face. Soothing music will be played during massage in order to promote relaxation. Treatment will begin on the neck, shoulders, arms and upper back then moving to the scalp then finishing off with the face and ears.

The benefits of head massages are physical, mental and emotional and may include:

  • Relaxation for muscles, providing immediate relief
  • Dispersal of toxins from tense knotted muscles
  • Stimulates flow of blood, increasing levels of oxygen in those tissues particularly important to brain function
  • Relaxation of the whole person
  • Relieves symptoms of congestion, insomnia, eye strain, neck and shoulder stiffness
  • Helps with mental fatigue, depression and stress
  • Increased levels of alertness and concentration
  • Release of stagnant energy and boost of available energy on all levels

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Making an appointment

To make an Indian Head massage appointment, at a time to suit you, in our relaxing treatment room in Monifieth, Dundee, please contact Jenny:

Phone:        01382 530838