Massage in schools

I have experience of offering a range of massage and relaxation services for schools for staff and pupils in primary and secondary schools in Dundee and Angus councils. I also offer services to business and corporate clients.  

I can also offer CPD sessions for staff to learn massage therapies and relaxation techniques that teachers can use on themselves or in their classrooms.  

I am fully qualified and insured to provide a range of complementary therapies. I have an enhanced disclosure (PVG) and am a Massage In Schools instructor. Please contact us for testimonials and detailed feedback from schools.

Pupil Relaxation Sessions (Primary / Nursery)

I offer enjoyable relaxation and massage sessions for pre-school and primary aged children. These sessions last approximately thirty minutes including massage and relaxation exercises as well as stretching and meditations. The children choose a partner to work with and remain fully clothed throughout. Pupils are shown massage movements that they use on their partners back, arms, shoulders and head. At no time is there ever any adult contact with the children. 

The sessions are ideal to support delivery of the experiences and outcomes of The Curriculum for Excellence by addressing outcomes in the following curriculum areas:

Health and Wellbeing
Mental and emotional wellbeing of the children is promoted by fostering mutual respect, positive relationships and understanding of each others feelings. 

Literacy & Numeracy
For early years pupils the massage movements can take the form of letters or numbers that their partners have to guess. For all years the movements are named and fit into a story to allow pupils to remember the routine. The context of the story can be adapted to suit the classes' age and fit in with current project work. 

In addition the four capacities of the new curriculum can be addressed perfectly, with its development of positive communication, its inclusive nature, its ethos of respect for self and others and its positive effect on concentration levels. 

I have already carried out a number of these sessions at a local primary school as part of their Health and Wellbeing days. The children found the sessions enjoyable and engaging and staff were impressed with the inclusive nature and enthusiasm shown by their pupils. 

The Massage in Schools techniques that I have incorporated into these sessions have been successfully used throughout the world as well as in Scotland. Details of research evaluating the massage in schools can be found on the Massage in Schools Scotland website.

Staff Relaxation Sessions

Did you know?

Each case of work related stress leads to an average of 29 lost working days.

Costs to the country are estimated at £3.8 billion

The education sector is responsible for over 25% of ill health due to work related stress.

In education over 40% of sickness absence is stress related.

Figures from Teaching Scotland January 2011 published by the General Teaching Council Scotland.

Over the last few years I have visited many schools in the Dundee and Angus area providing complementary therapy taster sessions to staff on in-service days and in twilight sessions. There are many benefits of these sessions, they promote relaxation, help reduce stress and therefore improve the mental and emotional wellbeing of staff. These sessions have always proved popular with staff and have been an enjoyable experience for all. Our therapists bring all the equipment required, all we need is a little space.

Treatments offered to teaching and support staff include Reiki, Indian Head massage and On-site massage a massage of the neck, shoulders and upper back.

Taster Sessions for Staff and Relaxation CPD

We offer our complementary therapy taster sessions for Schools and Nurseries. These sessions are suitable for in-service days or twilight events after school. We have carried out many of these sessions for primary and nursery school teachers during in-service days in Angus and Dundee. Our therapists bring all the equipment required, all we need is space. These sessions have proved very popular with the staff participating and help promote relaxation and relieve stress.

I am also able to offer CPD sessions for teachers and support staff where I explain the benefits of the massage and relaxation sessions and show staff techniques that they can use with pupils in their own school. This CPD can be delivered in twilight sessions or during an in-service day to an individual school or a group of staff from a number of schools. 

Secondary Pupils Relaxation Sessions

To help schools meet the Health and Wellbeing requirements of the Curriculum for Excellence we have taken part in Health Day activities.

During the activity pupils were shown relaxation techniques and meditations as well as a head and shoulder massage that they could use on each other to help them relax and unwind. Pupils enjoyed learning a practical way to improve their wellbeing.

Making a booking or an enquiry

The above are examples of the types of sessions and CPD we can offer If you would like further information or to discuss other possibilities please contact Jenny on:

Phone:        01382 530838