Hand Massage workshop

We offer a range of workshops for massages allow you to learn some techniques to carry out a complementary therapy treatment on a partner or friend or family member. These massage workshops include our hand massage workshop detailed below and:

hand massage

Hand Massage Workshop

This is a 2 hour group workshop that will show you some massage techniques to enable you to carry out a short hand massage on family and friends.

You will learn a short routine covering arms and hands.

A hand massage helps to promote relaxation and helps with aches and stiffness in hands. It is a fully clothed massage carried out in a seated position.

You can attend the workshop on your own, with a friend/partner or a parent with a child (from the age of 12 upwards) and no previous massage experience is necessary.

The price to attend our hand massage workshop is:

£25 per person
£45 per couple, two friends or a parent & child.

If you specifically want one to one tuition then it will be:

£40 for one person attending (bring model with you)
£75 for 2 people.
For further information or to book a workshop please contact us.