Reiki Two Course

This Reiki 2 course is open to all those that have completed level a Reiki One course and are ready to move on to level two.

This is an insurable and certified course and after completing the course you will be able to carry out this treatment on yourself, family and friends and on a professional basis.

Like all my courses it runs in small groups (maximum of 4 people) or one-to-one if you prefer. This ensures I can personalise my teaching to help you to learn and support you in your development.

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reiki two course

More about Reiki Two Course

Reiki provides healing on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Reiki balances and strengthens the body’s energy promoting its ability to heal itself.  It promotes deep relaxation bringing a sense of peace and wellbeing.  A safe and natural hands-on therapy, you can carry out reiki or yourself or someone else. This course is for those who have already become attuned to Reiki on a Reiki one course and are ready to move on to Reiki two.

The practical session of the Reiki 2 course will run over the course of a day (approximate time depends on numbers attending) at a cost of £170. Included with this cost is the training, your online manual and certificate.

This course includes the following areas:

  • Overview of how you’re getting on with Reiki to date.
  • Introduction to symbols.
  • Distant healing.
  • Practice using symbols.
  • Further attunements
  • Case Studies

Firstly you will complete the online theory part of the Reiki two course. After completion, you will attend a practical session to receive your attunements and practice channelling reiki using symbols. The next stage is to complete five case studies, when these can be completed you will receive your certificate. You can access the online section of the Reiki 2 course here.

You can explore my booking system to see potential available practical course dates here (linking to my online booking system).  If you cannot see an available date or a date that suits you then please contact me to arrange one

The online course content can accessed on this website through payment of a non-refundable fee of £30. The balancing payment of £140 is payable before attending the practical session.